Sunday, September 28, 2014


Insects from Ramteen on Vimeo.

Check out this amazing project "Insects" by my good friend Ramtin Ahmadi.

You can watch the making of video below.

Insects - Making of from Ramteen on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

SHAPES Webinar with Andrew Silke Teaser "Demo" (21-9-2014)

SHAPES Webinar with Andrew Silke Teaser "Demo" (21-9-2014) from Puppeteer Lounge on Vimeo.

In this Exclusive Webinar, Andrew explains all the insides and secrets of setting up corrective shapes using the SHAPES tool by brave rabbit. Learn to setup an expressive facial rig and create anatomically correct articulation for the body!

Special thanks to Puppeteer Lounge's guest instructor Andrew Silke from Create 3d Characters for sharing such brilliant tips and trickery on using SHAPES and Ingo Clemen the master behind SHAPES who was present the whole time answering questions and sharing his insights

SHAPES 2.0 is a really powerful tool that let's an artist to focus more into the creative side or process of character setup and speed up the workflow exponentially.

More Info:

Andrew Silke (Create 3d Characters):
Ingo Clemens (brave rabbit):

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ryse: 3Lateral face rigs in action from 3Lateral on Vimeo.

I was thinking about the possibility of integrating 3d scan for facial performance rig and today I came across this demo video using the same principle. A rig built from the overlaying 3d scan of actor's expression (serving the purpose of a corrective shape) based on FACS (different LOD of joint based facial rig) then driven through facial motion capture.

Check out the making of these facial rigs here. Great insights on LOD of the setup. The rigs are primarily joint based and the 3d scan serves as a corrective shape to enhance the realism of facial deformation. (Thanks Cesar Saez for sharing it to me):

Anyways, thinking of purchasing the scans here and building a facial rig out of it, let's see how it goes (For study it's a great reference).

You can purchase yours here:

P.S. I saw this technique first used in Matrix movies when Neo punches the agent in the face.

La Ritournelle - Teaser

La Ritournelle - Teaser from Reza Dolatabadi on Vimeo.

Check out the teaser for the upcoming short film "La Ritournelle" by directer Reza Dolatabadi. I was responsible for the character rigging. We (Puppeteer Lounge) also assisted with character animation and lighting/rendering for an unreleased trailer for the short.

Real Time Expression Scans

Real Time Expression Scans from Ten 24 on Vimeo.

The 3d scan system can also revolutionize the facial rigging stuff soon. Check this out.

Scans available at:

Making of Fol'Amor by Marthe Delaporte

Making of Fol'Amor from marthe delaporte on Vimeo.

Making of Fol'Amor by Marthe Delaporte.

Semi Auto Skinning Framework demo by Hans

Semi Auto Skinning Framework from Hans Godard on Vimeo.

Guess skinning is going to be not as time-consuming as it is now with this new algorithm computing the weights automatically. But still skin painting is a very creative process more like an artist creating a masterpiece. 

I wonder why Maya doesn't have a good deformer which will relax deformations properly, such as StretchMesh or the one above. Guess Autodesk will implement these in the near future :)

Muscle setup snapshot by Andres Quezada

A snapshot of muscle setup from Puppeteer Lounge's Rigging Workshop 3 by one of my talented student Andres Quezada.