Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Real Time Expression Scans

Real Time Expression Scans from Ten 24 on Vimeo.

The 3d scan system can also revolutionize the facial rigging stuff soon. Check this out.

Scans available at: http://www.3dscanstore.com/

Making of Fol'Amor by Marthe Delaporte

Making of Fol'Amor from marthe delaporte on Vimeo.

Making of Fol'Amor by Marthe Delaporte.

Semi Auto Skinning Framework demo by Hans

Semi Auto Skinning Framework from Hans Godard on Vimeo.

Guess skinning is going to be not as time-consuming as it is now with this new algorithm computing the weights automatically. But still skin painting is a very creative process more like an artist creating a masterpiece. 

I wonder why Maya doesn't have a good deformer which will relax deformations properly, such as StretchMesh or the one above. Guess Autodesk will implement these in the near future :)

Muscle setup snapshot by Andres Quezada

A snapshot of muscle setup from Puppeteer Lounge's Rigging Workshop 3 by one of my talented student Andres Quezada.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

3 Days to go! SHAPES Webinar with Andrew Silke

Posted this directly from Create 3d Characters by Andrew Silke!

I'll be speaking at the Puppeteer Lounge Shapes Webinar is this Sunday! Sunday morn for some of you in the rest of the world (Europe USA).

Since I'm so excited about SHAPES 2 I've uploaded this free demo video demonstrating how simple and powerful this tool is. (see below)

The webinar is a one hour introduction to SHAPES 2 at the Puppeteer Lounge covering the facial setup of Natalie. $75 USD. This is an insight into how facial is done on some of the worlds biggest movies and games using techniques that are becoming the norm but until lately haven't been available in off the shelf tools.

SHAPES is fastest becoming the best off the shelf corrective blendshape editor/blendshape sculptor and total blendshape manager for Maya. Comes with paint masking, grab brush, one click pose space deformation or driven key setup, complete symmetry handling tools, full export import, one click topology changer and much more.

Webinar At the Puppeteer Lounge ($75)

SHAPES 2.0 Video Introduction (Free)

Natalie Facial Video (free rig coming soon)

SHAPES Official Page

Funding Dolpo School

Puppeteer Lounge co-founder/Animator Sachina Shakya donating fund to the Sir of Himalayas, Binod Shahi

It's our greatest pleasure to meet our very good friend Mr. Binod Shahi and supporting his campaign on educating the rural children of Dolpo region of Nepal. Puppeteer Lounge will be financially supporting "Dolpo School" annually for the proper education and welfare of the children of Dolpo. We are also planning a thing or two for the near future

You can also watch our short "Dolpo School" dedicated to Binod Shahi and the children of Dolpo in #Vimeo:  

Dolpo School (2014) from Puppeteer Lounge on Vimeo.

Snow Yak Foundation in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Snow-YakBlue Foundation

Snow Yak Website: http://snowyak.org/

Studio Library

Studio Library is a free python script for managing poses and animation in Maya by Kurt Rathjen.

You can get Studio Library for free here: http://www.studiolibrary.com/

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

AnimShader library

AnimShader library from Marco Giordano on Vimeo.

Check out "AnimShader library" by Puppeteer Lounge's instructor Marco Giordano.

Learn #Python programming with Marco Giordano at Puppeteer Lounge: http://www.puppeteerlounge.com/python-workshop

Monday, September 15, 2014

A week to go for Puppeteer Lounge Exclusive Webinar on SHAPES

Just a week to go! "SHAPES Webinar with Andrew Silke"

The final countdown. Registration date closes on 20th September 2014!

Join us to get an in-depth guidance from Andrew, where he will be talking about the inside of creating corrective shapes efficiently for an expressive facial rig.


*** brave rabbit offers a special discount on the purchase of student and commercial version of SHAPES 2.0 for the participants of this Live & Exclusive Webinar.**