Eye Factory : Use this tool to quickly and easily setup an eye rig. The tool features a joint based eye lid setup with blink and intuitive eye lid controls. More Info!

Procedural Chain : Use this Tool to create a procedural joint chain for tentacle, tail, serpentine motion setup!

Ribbon : Use this handy little script to easily create a ribbon for creating bendy deformation rig!

UV Transfer : A utility tool for easily copying the UV information from multiple source objects to multiple target objects. This tool will ease  the process of copying UVs of multiple objects!

AnimTransfer : This tool helps in easily copying animation from on object to the another. User have the option of mirroring the animation in multiple axis. Animation can be copied from custum attributes. Export and import animation files from multiple objects as a configuration file.
Special thanks to Lermy Garcia Mas ( for the v1.1 updates :)

Muscle : Use this tool to easily create muscles and tendons, which can be used as an influence object to simulate muscle bulge, skin sliding and all kind of cool stuffs!

MultiCache : Use this tool for exporting and importing geometry cache for multiple objects.  The script automatically creates folders for storing cache data!

StretchyIK : Use this tool to create Node based stretchy joint chains for RP,SC and Spline IK Handles...

Curve 2 Joint : This is a simple script which creates joint chain from selecterd curve!

LowRezCreator : Use this tool to create low resolution geometry out of selected joint chain!

Use these tools at your own risk. Feedbacks, queries and comments are most welcome :)