Friday, September 16, 2011

SRB ~ Eye Factory "Grab It, Cheers"

Hey Folks,

Just uploaded a little tool for everyone to play with. The name goes "Eye Factory", yes "Eye Factory" for creating a quick, intuitive eye/eyelid rig based on joints. Well, the tool won't skin the geometry so, you will have to work out on a good skinning for proper deformation. Once the tool runs, it's just a matter of connecting the attributes with a nice UI of your own, and walla you are done with a fairly realistic, could be cartoony looking eye setup with automated fleshy eye features, intuitive - regional eye blinking and more. You can always dig in and see what's going underneath the hood. Fairly simple little tool, test it, try it, share it and like it ... Cheers :)

Below is an image showing some important guideline for using this tool :

You can download the tool from CreativeCrash. Click here for the link!

If you feel like learning how the setup works, I have a quick video tutorial at your disposal!

Happy Rigging/Animating ... Feedbacks, queries and comments are most welcome :)