Thursday, September 29, 2011

Useful Tips/Techniques on Rigging a Bird/Feather

Ever wondered what it takes for a bird to fly!? Simple, it's the wing.  :)

I have managed to find some nice links on creating a fairly realistic wing and feather setup similar to what you might have seen on the gorgeous birds of RIO! Well of course, you can implement similar technique keep constructing and manipulating. The idea is to understand the technique, stuffs like what is going under neath the hood.

I will keep updating this post with more resources so stay tuned!

~ Stumbled upon these two wonderful sites/blogs by Nakyoung Kim and, sharing the ideas, tips, techniques and tools to create a bird rig, mainly focussing on the wing and feather system. 

~ Paule from Pen Production have some more insight on similar looking setup using spline based controllers. 

~ Check out this link on creating a good looking bird wing setup by Henrik Englund :)

~ Nice tool created by Ismail to setup a bird (wing/feather) rig!

~ This is a really good resource to see how the bird's wing is articulated

More Useful Links: