Wednesday, July 6, 2011


What exactly do you need to be a good rigger or more lead a bunch of fellow artists!? Is it really age that determines a person becoming a lead? Experience may be!? What it really takes to be a sucessful rigger? What are the basics and the fundamentals? ~ Some of the countless thoughts being processed by our brain! So what else ...

Well, my point is if you keep learning and updating your skills with passion and patience, you are going to be a good rigger. Once you have mastered the art you may as well start leading a bunch of artist! To lead a team is another challenge, you need to have strong communication skill and the motivation and will power to complete an assigned task. Of course you will have to keep the team happy and motivated. To be a lead or a superior, it doesn't matter with age; it depends on your overall skill and talent. The real point is that you are never going to master a subject! Learning never ends. Problems leads to solutions and solutions leads to more problems. Never ending cycle ain't it? Richard William once said he just learned how to hold a pencil. Now then, what have we learnt yet?

The core fundamentals for rigging is not just the tool and software; it is the Art. Always study reference materials for characters in motion, creature anatomy, study animated cartoons or characters, study the facial expression and acting of actors in movie and such. All these things add up and you can visualize how the joints are placed for the skeletal anatomy, how to setup an animator friendly rig; flexibility of the controllers and so on. One more crucial factor to be a successful rigger is to learn and respect the critiques and comments that the animators and directors throw at you. That's a how you update your skill! We all are aware of the fact, how important INTERNET has been in our daily life and career. Make sure to go through those wonderful forums, blogs, websites, tweets and interesting videos that creative and passionate people like us share with the community :)

Here is a little quote that makes a really good sense "Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal" :D

That's pretty much it, keep the spirit and enthusiasm alive :)