Friday, August 12, 2011

Character Development and Rigging for Facial Animation Part 1

Really neat tips and tricks demo on layered joint based facial rigging by a good friend of mine, Mr. Jonas Avrin!

"This demo illustrates the steps taken to develop a character from concept sketches to finished facial rig in a simplified format.  This is an actual rig I developed with the use of proprietary rigging tools in Maya utilized daily at work so I’m not going to demo those tools.  However, future installments will incorporate the use of tools that I have written and that you can use to aide the building of complex facial rigs such as this, and include overviews of more advanced rigging techniques.  I would also like to break the process down into chunks to really go into more detail about things you should be thinking about if you are trying to rig a face.  This is an ongoing process so stay tuned, I have lot’s of useful tips to share."

Worth watching ... more parts coming.