Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Student Feedback ~ Frank Guthrie

We are always happy to hear good stuffs from our students!

Frank Guthrie (USA) ~ "…When one of my clients asked for the model I designed and modeled for them to be "animation-ready," I discovered how rusty my rigging skills were… Puppeteer Lounge got me up and running in a matter of days! something other schools would have taken weeks, if not months and with ridiculous expense. Suchan's experience, knowledge and - specially with me, patiences, made this whole process not only easy to understand, but most important… enjoyable! My client not only was impressed with the rigging, but has commissioned more characters for his project. I recommend Puppeteer Lounge to anyone who wants to get up and running with rigging quickly and with confidence…"

Feel free to check out Frank's website. He is exceptionally good at sculpting and character animation! Thank you for choosing to learn from us Frank :)

I am really looking forward for some awesome facial rigs by Frank!