Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Blendshape Combination System (Facial Setup)

Blendshape Combination System (Facial Setup) from Puppeteer Lounge on Vimeo.

Facial rig comparison between Standard Blendshape vs Blendshape Combination System (BCS) by Daniel Pook-Kolb ( With BCS you can create, combine (Combination-Sculpting) multitude of facial expression with flexible inbetweening and interpolation to simulate realistic skin behavior.

You can learn to setup a high-end feature quality facial rig using BCS toolset at Puppeteer Lounge. (

Apply here to learn:
Twitter: @puppeteerlounge
P.S. The Gollum character by Weta Digital was based on such a system for facial articulation. BCS is free for educational purposes.