Monday, October 12, 2015

One on One Live Animation Training @puppeteerlounge

Understanding the importance of One on One live mentoring, we have updated Puppeteer Lounge Animation Workshop fee structure to now included "Online One on One" mentor-ship program. Previously we featured the Online Group Workshop & Offline Workshops. With the introduction of the Online "One On One" Workshop, it is between you and the instructor. There is no waiting periods for the workshop start date and starts when you are ready, you can take it at your own pace with the assignments! I can tell you how flexible and more personal the training can get with one on one mentor-ship!! We have kept the price to be below average for the course in comparison to other schools, as you already know, at Puppeteer Lounge we focus on quality education at a reasonable rate! So if you are interested in joining the course, feel free to drop me an email. More info: