Monday, November 2, 2015

Congratulation to Ponmudi

We would like to congratulate our star student Mr. Ponmudi Chidambaram Poyyamoli (Canada) who recently landed a job as a Rigging TD at Method Studios. All the very best to Ponmudi smile emoticon

Here is what he has to say about us: "I am very glad to know about Puppeteer lounge rigging workshops. I am taking this opportunity to thank my instructor Mr.Suchan Bajracharya for all his teaching regarding Realistic rigging with muscles and his production oriented workflows, it really pushed my rigging skill into another level and also it helps me to get my dream job to work in movies. I highly recommend this workshop to my fellow riggers who want to improve their rigging skill to feature quality. Thank you very much Suchan."

My Technical Director / Rigging Showreel - 2015 from Ponmudi Chidambaram Poyyamoli on Vimeo.