Friday, April 22, 2011

Ghangzong "Himalayan" Sir

A little OFF Topic material again rather than the regular CG stuffs! Ok, here is a really remarkable person and a very good friend of mine, Binod! For the past 6 years he have been volunteering and  educating children and peoples living in  Dolpa (one of the remotest places in Nepal). Whatever he earns and make from  fund raising goes to establishing school in  Dolpa. He is know as Ghangzong Sir (Himalayan Dolpa Sir) by the local  community and praised by them. His  struggle, effort and spirit is still  unheard by lot of people so I helped him make a blog and a facebook group to share what he have in his mind! I wish him the  very best on his endeavors and more than willing to support :)

Click Here to visit his Blog. Whenever he get's some time off from his work he will keep us posted from his blog!