Monday, April 4, 2011

Image-Metrics Webinar & Resources

Image-Metrics, worlds leading solution for facial animation in games, movies and commercial is conducting wonderful webinar session running from 4th of April. Jay, a very good friend of mine and rigger (technical artist) working at Image-Metrics is conducting this webinar.

I got an opportunity to grab a sit for this one of a kind webinar session fully dedicated towards facial rigging and facial animation using Image-Metrics proprietary software "Faceware". Faceware is an Über cool, state of the art technology for facial animation, and I think it is one of the best out there. Anyways, the webinar session is really informative and attendees can raise there hands for any questions, tips and suggestions. I am really looking forward for the next session which will deal with actual facial performance capture :)

Oh yes, for the link to the webinar session ... Click Here!

Also, peoples at Image-Metrics are very willing to share and see people benefiting from the rising CG community. Therefore, anyone interested can get there hands on their state of the art facial rigs and builds, which includes a collection of hybrid rigs for games and films!

So, what are you waiting for, get yourself a free rig from this link ... Click Here!

Finally, I want to thank the peoples and fellow friends at Image-Metrics for this one of kind meeting round up session. I hope that more peoples and studios out there learn from this and organize similar session for people like us and the community. I wish Image-Metrics and staffs working there a very warm best wishes and a big THANK YOU :)

Jay Greiner
Jonas Avrin