Thursday, April 3, 2014

Venturing into the world of BLENDER

What do you folks think about BLENDER? I have been taking a look into it as an alternative for small projects and I have to say, despite being open source it can be a serious competitor to more high end industry standard software. For this reason, we at Puppeteer Lounge have been thinking of contributing to the Blender Nation by creating Training Workshops specifically geared towards Blender. For more about Blender goodness, do consult with Jimmy Gunawan. He has been exploring BLENDER for a while now and he has a great blog. He is a potential candidate for BLENDER training! I hope he lands as an animator for the BLENDER open movie: GOOSEBERRY! Speaking of GOOSEBERRY I would like to encourage every one to support Blender Nation's Open Feature Movie, GOOSEBERRY! For more about the movie, click here.

Check out this teaser shot from GOOSEBERRY! Looks stunning :)

Project Gooseberry Teaser Caterpillar Shot (Full) from Pataz Studio on Vimeo.