Wednesday, July 30, 2014

SHAPES Webinar at Puppeteer Lounge with Andrew Silke
Great News

Exclusive Webinar on SHAPES "Blend Shape Editor" with Andrew Silke!

Join us for Puppeteer Lounge's upcoming Live & Exclusive Webinar on using SHAPES this September...

We have a very special guest instructor, Andrew Silke from Australia ( teaching us the art of using SHAPES tool through our upcoming Live & Exclusive Webinar.

Join acclaimed 3D professional Andrew Silke as he explains all the insides and secrets of setting up corrective shapes using the SHAPES tool by brave rabbit. Learn to setup an expressive facial rig and create anatomically correct articulation for the body!

More information on the Webinar:

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**This Webinar is Supported By: Ingo Clemens (brave rabbit)**