Wednesday, September 17, 2014

3 Days to go! SHAPES Webinar with Andrew Silke

Posted this directly from Create 3d Characters by Andrew Silke!

I'll be speaking at the Puppeteer Lounge Shapes Webinar is this Sunday! Sunday morn for some of you in the rest of the world (Europe USA).

Since I'm so excited about SHAPES 2 I've uploaded this free demo video demonstrating how simple and powerful this tool is. (see below)

The webinar is a one hour introduction to SHAPES 2 at the Puppeteer Lounge covering the facial setup of Natalie. $75 USD. This is an insight into how facial is done on some of the worlds biggest movies and games using techniques that are becoming the norm but until lately haven't been available in off the shelf tools.

SHAPES is fastest becoming the best off the shelf corrective blendshape editor/blendshape sculptor and total blendshape manager for Maya. Comes with paint masking, grab brush, one click pose space deformation or driven key setup, complete symmetry handling tools, full export import, one click topology changer and much more.

Webinar At the Puppeteer Lounge ($75)

SHAPES 2.0 Video Introduction (Free)

Natalie Facial Video (free rig coming soon)

SHAPES Official Page