Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ryse: 3Lateral face rigs in action from 3Lateral on Vimeo.

I was thinking about the possibility of integrating 3d scan for facial performance rig and today I came across this demo video using the same principle. A rig built from the overlaying 3d scan of actor's expression (serving the purpose of a corrective shape) based on FACS (different LOD of joint based facial rig) then driven through facial motion capture.

Check out the making of these facial rigs here. Great insights on LOD of the setup. The rigs are primarily joint based and the 3d scan serves as a corrective shape to enhance the realism of facial deformation. (Thanks Cesar Saez for sharing it to me): http://www.chrisevans3d.com/pub_blog/multi-resolution-facial-rigging/

Anyways, thinking of purchasing the scans here and building a facial rig out of it, let's see how it goes (For study it's a great reference).

You can purchase yours here: http://www.3dscanstore.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=90_105

P.S. I saw this technique first used in Matrix movies when Neo punches the agent in the face.